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07/16/08 05:28 PM #1    

Tom Gibson

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08/14/10 11:55 PM #2    

Mark Gozion

WOW.... what a fabulous evening of chatting with friends who we haven't seen in many, many years (35 to be exact)!  We talked about our lives, our children, our work, our family, etc, etc,.. getting to know one another again after all these years, which was great!  Everyone looked fabulous, and pretty much the same as I remembered them a-way back when!  It was nice speaking with some as if we had just spoken yesterday, as opposed to years & years!  I REALLY had a great time, and God willing, I hope to be able to see each and every one who was there tonight at our next reunion, and then some!  For those who unfortunately could not make it, and especially those who chose not to come this year, I highly recommend making yourself a promise to attend our 40th!!  What a fun and uplifting evening it was for sure.  Tom, Hoot & Chober, THANX for all the hard work and dedication in getting this thing together for us, the Class of 1975 .... I think we all had a real good time.  Nice Job!!

08/18/10 03:08 PM #3    

Terry McGivern

I agree totally with everything Mark Gozion said about the reunion.

It was a fun couple of days!

One thing to add. Tom, Hoot and Chobers wives did alot of the work too and should be thanked also.

Thanks girls!

One other thing, no need to wait another five years to see everyone. I suggest somewhere down the line. Picking an evening and just meet up somewhere.  Put a notice on this website and give some advanced warning. Whoever can make it, come out. Seems silly to wait 5 years to see good friends!


08/21/10 01:54 PM #4    


Denise Nay (Walsh)

I'm really sad that I missed the reunion!  It sure sounds like it was a lot of fun!  I visit Pittsburgh on occasion and you can bet I'll post my next visit on our site! 

Take care.  I think I miss y'all!

08/21/10 03:25 PM #5    

Ed McKenna

Let me start by saying " what a fabulous time" the entire weekend! Many thanks to the organizers and all that attended. It was good to see everyone.

As I made my journey home a few thoughts entered my mind....

*After thirty five years, my classmates are amoung the people I have known the longest in my life.    

* I feel honored to have attended Hampton High. I feel blessed to have shared it with so many wonderful people.

I can't wait for the photos. 

08/23/10 01:08 PM #6    

Jim Davis

Hello everyone.  Thanks to all who were able to attend the weekend festivities !  It was great to see all you young kids.  We put a fair amount of effort into this (special thanks to my wife JoAnn for all her work) and it was worth every minute.  I think the saturuday reunion at Shannnopin was a lot of fun.  Thanks again to all of you for coming and making it special.

We have thoughts for a picnic next year, very casual.  We are also working on a single place on the website to upload all your pictures from the weekend, so that we can make a slideshow that everyone can watch and hopefully download.


09/06/10 12:33 PM #7    

Will Torrey

Will Torrey I think the lesson I leaned this reunion weekend is that it is never too late. My first reunion was this 35th, and it was well worth it. It was great to see so many good old friends and catch up on how the journey of life was treating everyone (from the looks of it, quite well !). It was also fun to re-live some of the highlights of our high school years. I look forward to the next time.

Hoot, Chober, and Tom deserve a lot of thanks for making the weekend possible. Also, JoAnn Davis a special round of applause for all her hard work. Thanks again all around for a special time.

11/11/10 02:01 PM #8    

Sue Hoey (Rardon)

Sure wish I could have been there and seen everyone.  Sounds like it was a wonderful time.  I will definitely work hard to be at the next gathering.


11/24/15 10:08 AM #9    

Dave Watson

So was there a 40th?  Thanks,  Dave

11/25/15 11:00 AM #10    

Amy Atkison

No 40th that I know of. Sent an e-mail to inquire but no response.

11/26/15 02:16 PM #11    

Tom Sherwin

We did not pull off the 40th, belated apologies from the previous reunion committee members!

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